'Black Sheep Clothing' is a fresh UK-based street-wear brand; set up in 2012. We aim to represent and cater for all individuals that 'embrace their individuality.'

In a day and age when the world is over-run by 'sheeple' simply following the crowd, 'Black Sheep Clothing' rebels against this mindset.
The world would be a much better and more interesting place if we all made the effort to be a little different, right?


Facebook: www.facebook.com/clothingblacksheep
Twitter: @baa_baa_bs
Instagram: black_sheep_clothing

Our brand is also now available for wholesale. For more information get in contact with us: INFO@BLACKSHEEPCLOTHING.CO

Discount given if you post photos of yourself repping the brand, or even just by simply sharing our brand on social networks. 

Get your hands on some Black Sheep Clothing now, and be sure to stand out in the crowd!

"Embrace your individuality..."

Model photography by JKasitz & Tamsyn Clark.